Solis S6-GR1P5K Inverter

The Solis S6-GR1P5K is a 5kW single-phase inverter with a dual MPPT design and precise MPPT algorithm.

The inverter is designed for residential PV plants. The maximum input current per string is 14A, which is compatible with high-efficiency modules and bi-facial modules. Compact and lightweight design, bring easy installation. The protection level is increased to IP66. Integrated AFCI function can proactively reduce the risk of fire.

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Rated output power 5kW
Max. efficiency 98.3%
Max input current 16A
Protection IP66
Weight 17.8kg
Dimensions 310 x 563 x 219 mm (W x H x D)



Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies today has one of the widest installed base of string inverters globally with our inverters converting DC to AC power and interacting with utility grid in markets around the world, reducing the carbon footprint, and helping us enrich society around the world. The Solis products are engineered to deliver long and reliable service with 10 years warranty.