About Us

Our Mission

Driving a Sustainable Revolution by Empowering Solar Companies with State-of-the-Art Green Energy Solutions.

Our Vision

To create a green ecosystem to enable more companies to participate in the green sector.

Our Team

Teacher Raj Ridvan Singh


Amarjit Singh

Installation Director


Premanathan Jaganathan

Procurement Director

Abdul Muhammad Khalif Asarow

Head of Procurement

Md Shahizan Shafiq

Mohd Shahizan Shafiq

Installation Team Director


Yoggini Vignesvaran

Human Resources Manager

Baharin Bin Baharom

Baharin Bin Baharom

Installation Manager

Jerry Suan

Jerry Suan

Senior Solar Installer

Ruzain Azran Bin Rahman

Ruzain Azran Bin Rahman

Senior Solar Installer

Andrew Alexander Junior Alixicious

Andrew Alixicious

Senior Solar Installer


Airi Bahari

Solar Installer

Why Choose Us?

Full Range of Solar Solutions

You need a variety of options and we’ve got it. We make sure our clients can cater to their project requirements and customer preferences.

Local Support & Shipment

High shipment fees and a long processing time is no longer a requirement! You have a partner that can give you local support and prompt shipment within Malaysia, eliminating the need for importing solar equipment from overseas.

Local Warranty

Installation Assistance and Maintenance: Our in-house installation team is ready to help you out with installation assistance, ongoing maintenance support, and efficient warranty claims processing.

Quality Assurance

We have done the factory visits for you. All of the quality tests have been done, all that needs to be done is to pick the solutions you need.

This is important to us


We are committed to sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We prioritize environmentally friendly practices and products to build a greener ecosystem, ensuring long-term benefits for both our clients and the planet.


We believe that the key to success lies in collaboration. We foster strong partnerships with solar companies, suppliers, and stakeholders, working together to expand the green sector and create a network of support for a more sustainable future.


We embrace innovation as a driving force behind our mission. By constantly exploring new technologies, solutions, and strategies, we empower companies to stay at the forefront of the green industry. We strive to provide cutting-edge products and services that drive positive change and enable businesses to thrive in the green sector.